Sorin Scurtulescu develops an artistic language imprinted with poetry. This integrates his human nature in the roman landscapes which he wilfully succumbs to. Here, the man seems lured in a broader, more fruitful world, with a divine dimension. In all of these, light is the vector that leads to the sacred. This powerful symbol of the Christian tradition invades the entire space of the canvas, much as faith enlightens the Christian man. This way, we see how and why his paintings and photographs interweave so powerfully through their mystical dimension, and not only thanks to this pictorial process of the opaque layer. Lastly, although the purpose of this heteroclite artist is to fuse the movement of Italian light, he chooses to paint or photograph always depending on his emotions. An entire day drains in front of him, and we are left with the contemplation of an eternal moment.


Frédérique Neuts Leroy (Vienna 2016)

Italian Light VIII, 2016, oil on canvas, 100x205cm
Italian Light III, 2016, Photo Lambda Print on Aluminium Dibond, 39,5x69,5cm
Italian Light I, 2015, oil on canvas, 100x205cm