Sofa 2019

acrylic on canvas

100 x 70 cm 3500,00

Isidora Krstić Sofa 2019

  • Isidora Krstić


    Have you ever closed your eyes, looked towards the sun and gazed into the back of your eyelids? You can see the bright pinkish-red colour of your blood through the skin. You are looking from the inside of your body outwards. The body is porous, it inhales – lets in, and exhales – lets out. At any given moment, we are surrounded by a mist of matter coming from our insides. We alternately dematerialise and recompose.

    The work attempts to show how the duality of our existence is reflected in our body’s state – the pressure and release, being held and letting go, the pull and the push, subtlety and aggression. The viewer is both a witness and participant in a body’s unravelling.

    And inside, our bodies are full of ‘artefacts’ – memories, past experiences, traumas and behaviours that all take some ‘space’ inside, whose presence may still persist to profoundly affect us. The work Pink Nightingale attempts to, through an almost ritualistic gesture of extraction, give my own ‘artefacts’ a form.


    The exhibition becomes an archaeological field, not of old objects and bones, but of old experiences and memories. A pink light slowly pulses from the LED screen, emanating the pulsing of our neurological system and a looping sound piece is both meditative and slightly irritating, reminding one of the state just before sleep, where the senses are heightened and fragments of future dreams find their way, if only for a moment, into the consciousness.


    Pink Nightingale borrows a part of the title from a well-known bird that sings at night. At night, we are closer to ourselves, closer to our subconscious and our fears are more pronounced, as if we know that as sleep approaches, we will connect with all that makes us alive and tears us apart.