Our group was founded in 2003 in the western Romania, with the goal to have an exchange - which may prevent us from getting too autistic. We are all painters but often working in different media - video, photography,installations or performances... We are trying to ignore the dictatorship of the latest cry, to have our special relationship with time and language.

Inserted in the present without hesitation, we are also focused on the past that refuses to pass away.

In 2014 Noima decided to be not only a dialogue space between individual projects, but a visual environment, in which semiotic practices - actions - games may occur. Figuring our group as an organism, a living system and playing with the words life form - form of life, we are sometimes talking about the big (collective) eye, the tactile whiskers... in performative dialogues with the surrounding space. Drawing, painting, sharing visual experiences, changing perspectives and approaches, following game-moves and often a particular grammar, searching for collective visual perspectives in different contexts.

Horizons, Noima august 2016, Bunesti School - RO, photo credits Noima
dLight, Noima september 2016, 12-14 contemporary - Vienna AT, photo credits Noima
Bringing Light, Noima, september 2015, Friday Exit - Vienna AT, photo credits Johanna Folkmann, Oliv