​The paintings’ scenery is characterized by condensed worlds not discernible at first sight. A meticulous superposition of numerous picture, text and color layers, based on a construction not unambiguously decipherable anymore - and left to chance in its emergence - requires analyzing and decoding efforts. The focus rather lies on questioning the bases and boundaries of presumably rigid arrangements by decomposing, deconstructing and eventually reconstructing,stacking,condensing the things. This results in a puzzle consisting of chance, reality, alienation of content and sarcasm, which commingles countless parts formerly alien to each other and thus devises new connections. What remains after deconstruction of the things are just lines, the exclusive use of which purges the motives of their initial content to make room for a presuppositionless contemplation of the maze and intricacy of the origination process, to scrutinize habitual perceptions. 

The reasonable world starts crumbling in the pictures, but not by means of the unconscious, of automatisms, of spontaneous, uncontrolled action and the weakness of the ego associated therewith. A multilayered system of devised illusions and unrealities develops and replaces the authentic image with a meta-reality, cut into pieces and reassembled in an alien way. Subjects are superimposed with a matrix readable with relative clarity, with a painted grate that - just like the representations below - refer to the artificiality, to the factitiousness of a world with virtual character. An artificially generated system is refuted. Below this matrix, the manifestness, the everyday scenes loose substance and reality. Unity is not defined by putative boundaries generally associated with lines, but by an interplay of inside and outside, by the result of transformed, dismembered, partly invisible picture fragments encountering each other. An analysis of the order of things, depicted from a modified perspective, with a focus on elements not considered so far; not a time shot but a call to take time to get involved with the painting.

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Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 - 1040 Wien

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