Opening Performance 9th of May, 2017 3 - 6:30 pm

Music by Naomi Berrill

Styling Ilaria Biggi

Museo Casa Andrich / Isola di Torcello 4, (VE)

Duration 10.5. - 26.11.2017

In Cooperation with 57th Biennale Collaterale die Venezia


On the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale, Laura Rambelli, based in Ravenna, will install sculptures, made of compostable materials, in the lagoon around the Museo Casa Andrich on Torcello.

Laura Rambelli anchors her work in a kind of matriachally universe, the thread of women woven by women, which holds the world together. The thread of life, woven from birth to death, runs through the entire Laguna project. 

The opening performance of the sixth and final part of the Laguna series is accompanied by the sounds of looms and the beats of modern looms machines, collected and arranged by Naomi Berill. The designer Ilaria Biggi took over the task of the costume.

The figures will be displayed in a natural environment, installed on floating islands and the benches of the lagoon. The birds consist of cotton threads and spindles, inspired by the traditional work of the women of Torcello. Laura Rambelli has adopted the form of expressionistic birds waiting in the reed of the lagoon for the visitors, or for their companions.

Laura Rambelli refers in her works to the position of women and mothers, who, although tied between the traditional tasks, break boundaries on the one hand, and on the other, resurrect archaic rituals. The naturalization of natural processes is closely related to industrialization and has narrowed the role of women. In an interview, Annie Lennox remarked that feminism can not be passé because it is about encouragement and self-determination, and that for all of us. Or, as Mariana Abramovic mentioned, a new phase of life begins for her, in which her childish curiosity is re-learned. 

This should be a motto for all of us, humility, awareness of body and mind, care for each other, no fear and anger. By limiting images of earth, water, sky, fertility, life and dying, the permanent cycle of being Laura Rambelli succeeds in planting the subjects subversively into the viewer. The immediate effect of the representation is enhanced by the direct experience in the lagoon.

In this basis of survival. Laura Rambelli sets out what defines human beings as a higher being, the arts - the levels of international understanding, without language or cultural problems.

We are aware about the impact of our actions on society and the environment and are committed to better cooperation. In fact artists and curators succeed in creating borderless cooperations and Fatalitá is the best sample for international collaborations.