My projects are not about deploying some all encompassing strategy,interpreted, overused, butrather about the need for instinctual feeling, becoming aware of that feeling, allowing what is coming towards me. Hence my works are shaped by the process of going toward and observe, observe and respond, understand and then search for the simplicity of the image, capture it.


All these feelings (needs) juxtaposed to the use of burnt browns, white, black,matter (conceptualized as a base, as objective reality), the texture of trees, the soil, the grass, the hey, the light of the very moment, lead me ( made me) to paint landscapes, to discover a sort of primordial freedom, to experiment unrestricted by rules and stereotypes.


I collate to my works various objects that I find in a particular setting. The information is not filtered through clichés and trends that have arisen somewhere else; I do not impose any “rational” filter either.All was born in the absence of pressures or deadlines, all was work in progress freely and progressively

discovering the internal amassing (growing), observing the calmness of brushing

the layers, painting

© 2016 Contemporary 12-14. Erstellt mit

Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 - 1040 Wien

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