International positioning, Bilateral exchange, Language, Communication, International Female Positions in contemporary art from Canada, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Austria, Iran, Introducing minorities like Roma / Selma Selman, First Nation Artists like Audrey Dreaver and Joi Arcand, HIV infected artists like Eric Rhein, Expanding networking direction east and proofing sustainability

Open Set Up

In our cycle „THE INFLUENCERS!“ we have set various targets for 2018:

*To strengthen female positions in contemporary art
*Pay special attention to language, identity and tradition, marginalized groups *To present the members of the artist-led gallery in an international context

We have invited artists from Canada, Iran, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and the USA to work together in situ to develop displays that are extended and deepened through lectures and discussions.
The combination of artists from different nations facilitates networking and brings people together through their work and joint projects. Artists from different countries bring influences from the wide world into our space, which then inspires us. For many years now, we have been able to convey artists abroad and to position the gallery internationally. We bring the world to us to live an example of multilingual and ethnically mixed artistic community.

We work according to the motto, there are no limits neither in art nor in thinking.

The curatorial approach of our series „THE INFLUENCERS!“ 2018 is a combination, confrontation, reflection - by means of ethnic, national and genre-related differences that are juxtaposed, artistic positions are crystallized in a different context. The communication between the creative works represent a visual level of communication between the artists and ultimately the audience.
The open set ups, which we have tested for a year, remain intact. Experience has shown that the passers-by show fewer thresholds in a setting-up situation and the hard work that lies behind the glossy openings becomes transparent. Thus, for the viewer, the process becomes comprehensible and art, as well as the profession of the artist, becomes more tangible.

The permanent exploration of the space by in-situ projects of different genres combined with lectures, artists' talks, workshops, concerts and performances creates space for experimental formats.

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