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The communication crisis prevails our contemporary life, particularly now with the increasing division between different idealogies. Our eyes are blurred, and our ears are clogged with so many layers of information junks, and surrounding noise. How do we communicate in authentically and constructively? How do we recognize the others and accept the otherness, and ultimately how do we collaborate.

In this intervention/installation, artists Yumi Watanabe and Shinpei Takeda, directly confront this question of recognition of otherness, as two artists having collaborating on one project. Yumi Watanabe will use blue-hued samples of curved photographs, and Shinpei Takeda will intervene the space with a blue thread. 

“See you” is used at the time of departure in English. “I see you” then literally becomes the completely opposite of this gesture. With a “see you” always on the other side of  literal meaning of  “I see you, ”  the two artists explore the coexistence of independence and collaboration, and expression and dialog, many contradicting values associated with a different hues of color blue. 

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