featuring Group Exhibition curated by Vasja Nagy

Pavel von Ferluh
Pao Lin
Paul Beton
Paula Knauf
Pablo Soltero
Paul Scontemporary R.evolution

Vernissage 3rd of July, 2018 7 pm
Duration 4th - 14th of July, 2018

Pavel von Ferluh is a Slovenian artist of Austrian origin, who studied architecture and creates urban landscapes. Through monochrome paintings he is critically interpreting the spirit of places (topos) and cities he experienced personally.
Pao Lin is an Italian, naturalized Chinese artist who creates canvases with paintings and collages of huge dimensions depicting chaos of infinite fragments of shapes and colours in harmonic compositions.
Paul Beton is a self-taught sculptor who got his education at construction sites. By applying materials of construction taking them from usual use and puts them in to the field of artistic research.
Pablo Soltero is a Spanish artist who studied in England. He creates “landscapes of spirit” that take a form of perfectly balanced painted backgrounds to serve as landscapes to minuscule figures in foreground.
Paul Scontentporary is an artist who doesn’t belong to any state or nationality. He observes contemporary art as it is, literally and sees behind the new-created myths, then reproducing through irony the icons and great illusions.
Paula Knauf is a very young, progressive painter from Germany. She presently studies art in Italy and is fascinated with Italian culture. Her works swing between abstract and graffiti art, between beauty and activism and have a strong feminist position. (R)evolution is and international artists who follows the news in newspapers and creates his artworks with cut-outs and gold paint. His comments on news are seemingly neutral but in fact they take a critical position. 

Art in a Suitcase is a curatorial project created by art critic and curator Vasja Nagy in 2010. The project is based on the need of communication between contemporary artists, art spaces and galleries, theorists, and public. The result are established connections and collaborations. The form of the project is packing artworks of international artists in a suitcase and travel in a short period of time to as many places as possible and (re)present the artworks, the artists and the idea of the project itself, which acts as a critic of institutional art production and presentation. The travel in 2010 included cities of Vienna (12-14 Contemporary), Budapest, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Ravenna, Mola di Bari, Istanbul and a year later Ljubljana. The travel in 2016 (in collaboration with 12-14 Contemporary) was in Mexico and included events in Oaxaca del Juarez, Xochimilco and at 3 spaces in Ciudad de Mexico. The final exhibition took place at Museo Cara in Mugga near Trieste in March 2018.
“Featuring” is also a result and success of the project Art in a Suitcase where various subjects of the project meet. Paolo Ferluga is a member of community that organize exhibitions at Museo Cara in Muggia and the exchange means building bridges between distant places, artists, public.