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In the midst of the political movement and numerical changes in the social statues witnessed in Libya during the past few years, there were signs of establishing a contemporary art movement with an independent entity has surfaced lately, as a daring attempts to ll the gap in the local art scene which was a result of the ongoing armed struggle and the unstable governments control in the country. 
Waraq art foundation has been considered one of the most significant attempts since it officially opened in Tripoli 2016, through full faith that Libyan art deserves to appear in the global art scene especially in the middle east and north Africa area, through organizing several exhibitions, workshops, and different art and cultural projects with consistent tenacious work to enrich the artistic and visual content, as well as to expand the horizon of the local artist by creating opportunities to contribute in the art and cultural exchange. 
The group exhibition derives (across borders) as a reaction to the violations that occurred on Waraq art foundation most recently, which led to the forced departure of the foundation and the treating its employees, For reasons that are illogical or suficient to justify the non-civilized scene, but at Waraq We believe that these practices represent only the few with limited mindsets, this event would be the source for strength and inspiration to create projects with massive impact on the Libyan street, instead of being a threat to current art movements 

We believe that art is not restricted to spaces and concrete buildings, not limited to specific audience, and this has led to the decision to expand our activities to target a larger assembles and earn a national and international recognition that art in Libya does exist and it can over comes the social and security barriers 
from this point on the definition (borders) has been chosen as the main theme for the exhibition, as a source and substance for the works that will be exhibited as to explore many issues that describes the current situation in the country, where the (borders) take several different forms and expressions in the life of a Libyan artist and his practices in terms of social, geographical, humanitarian, political and cultural too. 
(across borders) exhibition brings together10 artists whose works di er in terms of expression, Content and techniques used, while sharing the same platform, Where we have achieved one key factors in building communities, the exhibition›s main objectives are to promote values of diversity. 
The exhibition moves from gallery to another in different countries, in Spain, Italy and the united Kingdom, to reach the largest audience, and to give a clearer picture of what the situation is in Libya, and urge artists to search and expose their work from the cycle of Disputes and Social Obstacles, through crossings border that were created as a means to justify the fading of Libyan art from keeping abreast of the artistic renaissance in the region. 



1. Creating equal opportunities for local artists to participate in artistic exchange on an international level. 
2. Discover more young artists through open invitation to participate in the exhibition.
3. Provide a clear picture on the positive technical initiatives in Libya
4. Creating a direct link between different generations of art practitioners in Libya.
5. Calling for openness and recognition of different cultures through contemporary art practices.
6. To contribute to the expansion and creation of relationships and technical network in the region. 
7. Call for artists to overcome the social and intellectual barriers that spread throughout the Libyan street.
8.To impose the concept of art and culture as a fundamental commodity in building modern and stable societies
9. Gather artists who di er in terms of practices, cultures and ways of expression in a one Libyan platform


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